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Meet Taryn :)


Reiki Alchemy with Taryn Walker

Hey beautiful! I’m Taryn. I’m so excited that you’re here getting to know me and my work. I love what I do! and all I want is for you to feel good about yourself and know that you have a special place here on our beautiful Earth. I know that if you’re interested in Reiki you already have an open mind and this is what will help you with whatever you’re going through.

My goal is to inspire you to understand yourself as an incredible magical being so that no matter what challenges you face in life you always know that deep inside you are already enough. You are already exceptional. I use Reiki to guide you to this realisation and empower you to self heal according to what you’re ready for. Why Reiki? It’s a gentle therapy and I’m a gentle soul. It suits me. It’s such a simple healing art yet if you’re ready to shine the effects can be mind-blowing! I like simple things that make a big difference. 

The overflowing joy I feel through my work with Reiki Alchemy is way too much for me to keep to myself. I have to share it! It’s hard to believe this all started with a sad story…

I came to Reiki through a pretty hard-core personal struggle with grief following the loss of both my mom and brother at the age of 19. I was really angry, sad, confused and lacking energy to relate well to otTaryn's doodlesher people. I became unhealthy and negative and found it difficult to enjoy life fully. One night, feeling completely weird and uncomfortable at a birthday party in a bar, a woman approached me with a knowing look in her eyes and told me that one day I would do healing work. I did wonder if she was completely bonkers but intuition told me that this was an accurate prediction of things to come.

I was so inwardly miserable at that time though that it was hard to imagine people coming to me for healing. But suffering often leads to huge transformation. Without it, there is less motivation to seek something better. The healing path was the obvious direction my life would take and it is only now that I am able to see my suffering as a gift that has led me to Reiki healing and the ability to relate empathically to the pain and suffering of others.

While lost and wandering around Thailand one year I decided to learn Reiki, not knowing that it would open a door to heal my life so profoundly. From the very first treatment I received in my first level training I began to feel better. I began to experience a beautiful transformation on every level of my being. Besides the glowing skin and shining eyes I was so full of the energy I needed to accept and work with the challenges I was facing.

I felt reconnected to the eternal part of me that knows without a doubt that everything is okay, that all is full of Love. Reiki helped to clear away my heavy emotions to make room for a more positive attitude towards life. After every healing session I had more clarity about what was good for me and what I should let go of or move away from. Reiki reconnected me with something much greater than me, the Divine wisdom that continues to guide me each day. Over time Reiki, and the life I started living because of it, helped me to overcome deep grief and see the beauty in the world again. I am learning to love myself more and more and to trust life again.

Self Reiki Love

Through this process I realised that healing happens when a person is ready to heal. It is a decision you make on the subconscious level. During a Reiki session people often have “aha!” moments when something rooted in the subconscious is revealed. Only then can true transformation begin. Reiki is not what heals but it is an incredible tool to facilitate a person’s natural ability to heal, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. This understanding of our human potential for self-healing has become the focus of my healing practice and the way that I teach Reiki.

It is beautifully empowering to realise that feeling better begins with your choice to take responsibility for your own life. I help people to overcome the fear that seems to come with realising this truth. What if I actually heal and step into my true power? What will be required of me then? The freedom that comes from accepting this responsibility is totally worth facing the fear that lies between you and that freedom. I believe in your innate ability to heal! I believe in the power of Reiki to help get you started and keep you motivated on your healing journey, no matter what you’re going through.

Taryn's doodles
My own transformation through Reiki inspired me to continue learning until the Master level so as to be able to teach others this incredible healing art.

Reiki Master Training

That’s me! doing my first ever initiation during my Reiki Master course in Thailand

I was fortunate enough to have a Japanese style apprenticeship under the guidance of my teachers while co-managing their amazing healing center in Thailand. Reiki led me to yoga and meditation, which deepened my understanding of Reiki and enhanced my practice greatly. I continue to practice self-Reiki daily and offer Reiki sessions in Thailand and South Africa and all over the world. I specialise in Distant Reiki Alchemy Sessions as a way to reach those who are not able or willing to find a practitioner near them.

Experiencing Reiki from a distance can change the way you understand and see the world! I am so passionate about it because it is a very real way to come to know that there are no boundaries between anything. Everything is possible and opening your mind to this truth makes life awesome! 

My approach to Reiki lies somewhere between a scientific and Eastern understanding of healing, with the aim of making Reiki accessible to as many people as possible. I can explain Reiki to you according to what makes you feel comfortable. My own experiences with Eastern practices such as yoga, chi gong, Ayurveda and Chinese medicine inform my own understanding of the way Reiki works & I’m excited that modern science is beginning to acknowledge these views. I try to find a balance between these approaches while keeping the sparkle alive.

I love helping people realise that you can choose to feel better and live the life you truly want. I offer very simple and practical steps to these goals based on years of experimentation with holistic living and my own journey of healing through Reiki. I live what I teach and I’ll keep sharing what I’m learning as I discover new things that could be beneficial to you too :)))


Some fun facts about me…

I was born in South Africa! Yeah Mama Africa. It’s a special place.

I like whole food that looks like a rainbow explosion on my plate. I photograph just about every meal because of the beauty.

Dancing is my favourite way to get my body moving. I’m not formally trained but my moves are pretty awesome. I dance everywhere! Expect a random dance party in the kitchen if I’m visiting.

I like turning mundane tasks into little adventures. I’ll pack a bag of fun things to take with to the bank or the post office.

I was almost named ‘Sky’ so I would’ve been Sky Walker like a Star Wars character. Sometimes I wonder if I’m from another planet.

I can’t stop doodling. If I see a blank canvas I have to fill the space. My drawings are mostly spirals and flowery mandala flowy things.

I sometimes live on a dinky little island in Thailand. It’s magical. You get pink dragon fruit here!

I’m a qualified yoga teacher (still can’t believe it!) but I stopped teaching formally to focus solely on Reiki.

I give myself Reiki every day! I might be addicted :)

I love connecting with people through Reiki. If you’re not able to come for a session no worries Reiki can come to you! My Reiki Alchemy Sessions can also happen over Skype :))) I also give everyone who signs up a free Reiki theory course, which you’ll receive by e-mail. This is another way that you can get to know me and learn the basics of Reiki in a fun way.

I wish you nothing less than feeling and being AWEsome! That’s what you are!

Thanks for reading :) I’d love to connect with you so leave me a message !

Love and blessings,

Taryn Xx