Reiki Alchemy

Clearing Space with Palo Santo and Reiki symbols

  Palo Santo is a mystical tree which grows along the coast of South America. The wood is [...]

Love Yourself First To Find True Love

There was some sweet magic in the air this morning and I felt called to ask The DragonFae [...]

Why Should Healing Be Free?

  From time to time I receive a booking for one of my distant Reiki sessions and when [...]

How Simple is your Reiki Practice?

Reiki doesn’t have to be complicated. The beauty of it lies in how pure and simple it is. [...]

5 Good Things About You

On many paths of spirituality or self development there is a tendency towards bringing awareness to our less [...]

The Superhuman Breakfast!

About two years ago, while living in Thailand on a little island, I discovered, amongst other life-changing treasures, [...]

You Are a Peaceful Being

  This morning I awoke to a calling for an oracle card reading especially for you!   Sacred [...]

The Power of Gratitude

Although I’ve never celebrated Thanksgiving as a holiday, every year at this time I find myself in deep [...]

Reiki and Crystals

While traditional Reiki doesn't involve crystals, over the years many practitioners discovered that crystals work beautifully with Reiki. [...]

Reiki at The End of Life

When my grandfather started showing signs of being ready to leave this world I asked if he wanted [...]

High on Life Purpose!

Yesterday was truly magical. I'm still high on it. I'm still full from it :)  I had a [...]

Creating a Sacred Healing Space

Reiki works no matter how or where it is offered. Reiki doesn’t need a special healing room, or [...]

Equinox Blessings <3

  As a child my favourite date was September 23rd. I loved the way the numbers 23 and [...]

Starting Your Own Reiki Practice

So you’ve been practicing Reiki on yourself and your friends and family and you’ve started dreaming of doing [...]

Reiki and Our Subtle Energy Bodies

Ancient practices such as Yoga and Chi Gong have shown results over thousands of years that give us [...]

Confused About The Reiki Symbols?

The Reiki symbols are taught and passed on from teacher to student through a Reiki attunement. Usually students [...]

What Does It Mean to be Superhuman?

The Sea of Galilee by Linda Curly Christensen As a child I was gifted a colourfully illustrated children's [...]

Explaining What Reiki Practitioners Do

It’s a common question. “So what do you do?” Honestly it has always driven me nuts and I [...]

Reiki Box

How to Use a Reiki Box

A Reiki box can be used as a wonderful way to energize something. The idea is to create [...]

Can Reiki Manifest your Dreams?

Everyone’s talking about the law of attraction, how we can manifest our dreams if we use the right [...]

The Beauty of Reiki Self Practice

artwork by Lori Portka While it is wonderful to receive Reiki through someone else, being able to give [...]

The 5 Reiki Principles

article featured by Reiki Rays I often have the five principles of Reiki in mind, especially when I’m [...]

Reiki for your Uterus

Your uterus is the most powerful organ you have. Having a healthy uterus is not only essential for [...]

Empaths and Reiki

An empath is a person who feels very deeply and experiences the emotions of others as if their [...]

The Grace of Reiki Attunement

article featured on Reiki Rays I couldn’t speak for about an hour after my first Reiki I attunement. I [...]