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Reiki in Thailand


Reiki is a gentle and subtle vibrational healing therapy which encourages a person towards balance. It does not treat specific symptoms which is why diagnosis becomes unnecessary. We are holistic beings with needs beyond the physical. Reiki treats the whole person. The receiver’s own bio-energetic mechanisms draw Reiki according to what is needed at the time to re-energize and rebalance the entire system. This is why Reiki can be beneficial for anyone no matter what you’re going through. There is no need to suffer, even if you’re dealing with a very challenging illness or issue. Reiki reduces stress and anxiety and helps you to feel calmer and more capable of facing your challenges and relating to life in positive and healthy ways.

What happens during a Reiki session?

You will receive the treatment lying down with eyes closed fully clothed on a comfortable Reiki healing bed. A calming atmosphere will be created through the use of relaxing music, natural incense or aromatherapy oils, and a the quiet of natural surroundings away from noise and distractions. Reiki is a gentle touch therapy, which means the tissues of the body are not manipulated and it is absolutely safe and painless. I will place my hands very lightly on different parts of your body and allow myself to be guided by the universal wisdom of the Reiki. You may feel warmth in your body, slight tingling or pleasant pulsations. It is a very relaxing experience and many receivers report feeling a deep connection to their true selves and all of life.

Who is Taryn Walker?

Taryn learnt Reiki as a way to support her own healing journey through deep grief and sadness. Her personal transformation through Reiki inspired her to share Reiki with others in need. Read more about Taryn’s Reiki story 

How do I Book a Session with Taryn?

Taryn will be on Koh Phangan in Thailand throughout 2017.

To find out more about booking a session please call her on +66936970432

You can also contact Taryn via e-mail if you have questions or don’t have a phone in Thailand.

Taryn Walker, international Reiki practitioner