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Can’t find a practitioner near you or feel more comfortable receiving Reiki in your own personal space?

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Distant Reiki is a wonderful alternative and complement to in-person Reiki sessions.


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I’ve had a very special connection with distant Reiki ever since I first practiced it in my Reiki II course on the magical island of Koh Phangan in Thailand.

I’ve been offering Distant Reiki for over 6 years and continue to be amazed by the results. When I first started practising with friends I was a little sceptical, but the beautiful connection I experienced with the receivers removed any doubts I had. When comparing what we felt during the sessions it was clear that what I sensed correlated to what was experienced by my trusting guinea pig friends.

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Based on all the positive feedback I received from these sessions I took a leap of faith and began offering my distant Reiki sessions online. I’ve been overwhelmed by the response from beautiful people from all over the planet.

Here’s what some receivers have shared with me:

“I was absolutely blown away by this experience! The healing energy was so powerful…I felt amazing for days after…I’m so grateful to Taryn for changing the course of my life.”Tracy May Finnemore, Australia

“I can’t recommend Taryn highly enough. I’m not quite sure what it is she does, but it works! Her Reiki offers the most profound feeling of peace…the sessions seemed to shift things on such a deep level.”

Suzi Green, England

“Before the session I’d been feeling very anxious…since then I’ve been feeling a lot more relaxed and not so anxious…something’s been unblocked there. I’d recommend Reiki to anyone…it’s incredible!”

Caitlin Robinson, Taiwan

Here are all my distant Reiki offerings. Just click on a link for details. I hope you find something that resonates with you at this time.

1-on-1 Distant Reiki Sessions

Chakra Balancing Sessions

Oracle Card Readings

Reiki Alchemy Sessions

Distant Reiki Sessions

Anything possible in an in-person session is possible in a distant Reiki session. This is because Reiki is always a receiver-driven practice and Reiki is always available. Once the connection to Reiki is established the receiver responds naturally according to their particular needs at the time. Our bio-energetic system is designed to reorganise itself when in relaxation mode. It’s our natural healing mechansim and Reiki, whether offered in-person or by distance, activates this response.

Distant Reiki is learnt in a second degree Reiki course. It’s a simple technique passed on from teacher to student and does not require any special super powers except consistent practice.

Here are some of the things people who book my sessions use distant Reiki for:

Relax and release anxiety about life

Kick-start a new healthier way of living

Stop destructive habits such as smoking, over-eating, negative self-talk etc

To be more clear when facing a difficult decision

For an energy boost. Recharge those batteries!

Simply to treat yourself to a loving nurturing relaxation

For pain relief

To take a freaking break from the chaos of everyday life.

To see if distance really is an illusion ;) and feel a deeper connection to yourself and everything else

I’d love to hold the space for you to go on the healing journey you need at this time. Just click on one of the links above to find a distant Reiki option that suits you.

With Love and Gratitude,

Taryn Xx