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The Power of Gratitude

Although I’ve never celebrated Thanksgiving as a holiday, every year at this time I find myself in deep reflection on all I’m grateful for. I guess with so many turning their attention to gratitude it’s easy to be swept along the collective current of thanks. As a South African in The Phillipines at the moment, I’m thinking of all my North American friends who love this time of offering thanks and being with family.

Gratitude is such a powerful practice. It never ceases to amaze and delight me how being in gratitude opens doors to the magic of life. Think of a time when you were unable to enjoy yourself. Isn’t it true that you were disconnected from all the good in your life then? Here’s a little story for you, that’s been taking place this week…

I was gifted a plane ticket to the Phillipines to spend time with family. At first I wasn’t sure I wanted to go. I’m not a big fan of loud beach bars and karaoke. Nor am I hugely fond of witnessing the so called sex tourism scene in the Phillipines. I’m also a fussy eater, preferring ridiculously healthy fresh organic food and I knew finding this in restaurants would be unlikely. I live a pretty magical life and am quite selective about where I place myself, but I went along for my family because I love them.

I gave myself a good pep talk before arriving on the island, to not complain and to just keep my rather astute observations to myself. This proved a bit challenging and I couldn’t help but have a good bitch after the first night here. Lady boys dancing on poles to loud screeching sounds referred to as music, tourists passing out on the beach clutching their booze buckets, unhealthy frightening looking old dudes in speedos hand in hand with teenaged girls..a demonic hell world to me.

Of course when this is all you see your life quickly becomes totally crap. For two days I remained trapped in a mind of ungrateful discontent. Horrible! How easily we blame the external for our inner turmoil!

And then, the moment of remembrance…



A quick shift in perspective, a turning of attention towards the many many things I’m grateful for…

My amazing Dad and his beautiful, forgiving heart…my sweet little surprise brother, just 6 years old, the best playmate ever! My lovely uncle and cousins, much needed reflections and true friends in this world…being able to fly over to The Phillipines for a week, just because…working wherever I am, the life of a digital nomad…being ALIVE! in this incredible body, right now! on this planet!…the indescribable depth of connection with two beautiful souls no longer in their bodies here, my Mom and brother, their wisdom and friendship from beyond..this beach! this sky! this groove! All that I am! I could go on and on…!

…and of soon as I’d made this shift..a glorious rainbow appeared over the entire bay. Everyone stopped what they were doing and beheld the magic. A second rainbow was revealed. Life is like this. Experience deep authentic gratitude and offer sincere thanks and double rainbows appear to affirm that life is indeed beautiful and miraculous, no matter where you are.

Don’t wait for ideal conditions..they won’t come..they exist only as a feeling within you. Shift your focus and notice all that is amazing in your life right now. Then step through the doors that open to realms of magic on Earth.

This morning as the sun was coming up I was swimming with my little brother and his cool rainbow  ball. We were admiring the beauty of the islands around us, the sun rising through majestic clouds, exclaiming Wow! Wow! as we noticed more and more of our surroundings..

…and a rainbow appeared…just for tell us that we are so loved and protected as we walk this Earth..and that our appreciation is felt by the angels who watch over us

and then we were dolphins generating rainbows with our rainbow beach ball..

and even the poor hungover souls looked beautiful

all of us part of the great cosmic One


Happy Thanksgiving everyone :)))

Thanksgiving Rainbow

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  • tarynw December 17, 2015, 8:31 pm

    Thank you! Yes we must always bring it back to ourselves, especially when things are not looking pretty “out there” Xx

  • tarynw December 17, 2015, 8:30 pm

    Very grateful for our connection Archana. Yes..a very deep contentment :)
    Thank you for sharing your depth and wisdom Xx

  • Archana December 10, 2015, 12:12 pm

    What a beautiful blog post on Gratitude!!!
    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and beautiful moments of your life!
    In the thick of darkness of life, love pours , peace comes, and in the moment of gratitude, life shows many things, and one such thing is not just magic of being protected or being loved by Universe , it’s a deep contentment also !

    Have a beautiful life a head !!
    You seem to be a so much in love with your family !! How bless your family , friends and two souls of your mom and brother are watching over you !
    Peace. ..

  • Karishma December 10, 2015, 11:18 am

    Hi Taryn,

    This is so beautiful, and proof of how the external always reflects the internal. Wonderfully written, as usual!