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What is Reiki?

I remember hearing about Reiki for the first time when I was 15 and thinking it must be another freaky thing those weird vegetarians do. The word Reiki never quite left my mind though and here I am 17 years later, a vegetarian weirdo living the Reiki life. Yay! So what is this Reiki stuff anyway? Energy healing? What the hell is that? If I can’t see it, how do I know it even exists? Will it turn me into an oracle card reading, feather wearing hippy with a past life in Atlantis if I learn it?! Well, that is entirely up to you and fortunately Reiki will not judge you. Reiki can benefit and be received and learnt by anyone!

A Reiki session is VERY relaxing. Usually you’ll be lying down, fully clothed, in a comfortable space with soft music playing in the background if you like. You can also receive Reiki in a seated position. It just depends on your needs at the time. The practitioner’s hands are placed gently on or just above different areas of the body and Reiki just does its thing. You’ll probably feel something! You may feel warmth in your body, pleasant tingling sensations or slight pulsations. A lot of people say they felt like they were in that peaceful place between waking and sleeping. Heavenly.

So what IS Reiki?

Modern science hasn’t yet been able to explain exactly what Reiki is or how it works, but decades of positive results tell us that it works! and is beneficial for treating all kinds of issues and ailments. The incredible wisdom of the East (Japan, India, China, Tibet) provides in-depth explanations of the nature and mechanisms of healing arts such as Reiki, which I intuitively resonate with. Everyone talks about Reiki in a different way and that’s okay. Fortunately, Reiki is a practice and not a theory so experiencing Reiki is the best way to really understand it. Don’t get hung up on the words used to talk about Reiki. Once you’ve tried it for yourself use your own words to describe your experience. As a practitioner, the way you talk about Reiki will attract those who resonate with your words. I love that about life. There’s something for everyone.

Personally, I’ve come to know Reiki as a spiritual vibrational healing system which encourages an individual towards balance and wholeness. It is holistic in the sense that it does not treat specific symptoms but a subtle healing vibration is drawn by the receiver in order to rebalance the entire system. This makes diagnosis unnecessary and allows the practitioner to act as a completely passive conduit or vessel through which a connection to Reiki can be made.

The Japanese written symbol for Rei points to the higher intelligence that guides the creation and functioning of the universe. Rei refers to the subtle wisdom that permeates everything, both animate and inanimate. This underlying intelligence guides the evolution of all creation, from the unfolding of galaxies to the development of life. We often experience it as that inner knowing that acts as a source of guidance in our lives. Rei can mean spirit, soul, ghost, divine and sacred.

Reiki is universal intelligence

Reiki reconnects us with the subtle underlying intelligence of the Universe

The ki part of Reiki, is known as prana in Yoga and chi in acupuncture or Chi Gong. It  is also known as bio-energy or life force energy, which flows in everything that is alive including plants, animals and humans. I’ll use the word life force energy from now on whenever I’m talking about prana, chi, ki or bio-energy, but remember that all these words refer to the same energy. When you have a lot of free-flowing life force energy, you feel strong, confident, and ready to enjoy life and take on its challenges. When it is low and stagnant, you feel weak, unmotivated and are more likely to get sick.

Full of Life Force

Full of Life Force!

We receive this vital energy from the air we breathe, from food, sunshine, and from sleep. It is also possible to increase our life force energy through certain breathing techniques and exercises found in systems such as Yoga and Chi Gong. When a person dies, their life force energy pulls away from the physical body. Life force energy is what keeps us alive! So it’s pretty important stuff.

The word prana has different meanings in the Sanskrit language. This can help us to understand what Rei together with ki means. There is the most subtle undifferentiated Prana (capitalised to avoid confusion) and the prana (ki, chi, life force) which manifests in various forms from this primordial Prana. The intelligence that we see in the created world is possible because of the intelligence of the underlying source consciousness. Essentially Ki and ki are one and the same, but are of different densities.

When considered without the Rei part, ki refers to the manifested prana. Together with  the Rei we have an understanding of Reiki as the essential universal consciousness. This is why Reiki is a spiritual practice. Connecting with this universal consciousness is a spiritual experience because it reveals our essential nature. It is the essence of everything, including us.

Reiki is everywhere and always available. It’s what makes our wounds heal naturally. It’s what guides a seed to grow into a tree. While we can describe the processes that rely on this underlying intelligence it’s very challenging to provide a clear definition for something so subtle. Some define Reiki as a non-physical, intelligent healing energy. It could also be defined as primordial consciousness which has a greater wisdom which guides everything. Some call it spiritually guided life force energy and it is also referred to as universal life force energy. I’m going to call it Universal Ki to keep it short.

fractal broccoli

This amazing fractal broccoli is an example of universal intelligence at play in the world

Some practitioners prefer to speak of Reiki as a practice rather than an energy, but no  matter your descriptive preferences the results of the practice are always the more  important thing to focus on.

Any questions? Leave a comment or contact me privately.

Love, Taryn Xx


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